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Business & Export Development Project for Jordanian Enterprises

Increasing competitiveness of Jordanian enterprises locally, regionally and internationally

The Business Development Center (BDC). Tatweer’s main objective is to provide financial assistance to increase the competitiveness and exports of private businesses in Jordan, targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Committed to strengthening companies across Jordan, Tatweer focuses most of its work at the “firm level” to improve the business capabilities of client enterprises. This involves direct support for improvements in management, marketing, technology, production methods, quality assurance, exports, financial management, and human resources, among other priorities, to ensure sustainable growth of Jordanian enterprises. Tatweer works with companies in a broad range of sectors with growth potential, including IT and services, furniture, stone, food, manufacturing, olive products, garments, pharmaceuticals and jewelry to help boost their competitive position.


Tatweer also cooperates with private business support organizations (BSOs) to advance the commercial interests of Jordan in strategic sectors. Assistance to these associations includes business development, training, member services, trade enhancement, and networking with global associations and industry groups. Tatweer supports BSOs to enhance their self-sustainability and to secure linkages with international markets. This helps to accomplish another objective of Tatweer: enabling Jordanian companies to access and successfully compete in international markets.





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